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Sunday, September 24, 2017

A beach art theme is sun without the burn

This style exudes oceans, sand, shells, magnificent sunsets,...and, for me, rain. That's right, I live along the Pacific Coast and it's not always fun in the sun, especially during the winter months. However, the beaches hold their own beauty and mystery. Plus, the last time I checked, seashells were waterproof. So, if you want your beach cottage or cabin to have a unique coastal feel, then you may find a treasure or two here. However, I will warn you, the beach art prints and posters here are primarily fair-weather artworks and could easily fill your home with a sea breeze that has freshly kissed the crest of an ocean surf...

Abstract Print

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Published Title: Ocean of Light into Waves
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Ocean Abstract Art
As this quote by an unknown individual states, "Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides." This is just the type of quote that gets one thinking, and there is no better way to reflect about mind bending thought like this than at the ocean's edge, staring off into a yonder that proves eternity exists. That is the very thing that inspired this abstract seascape and here is what I had to say at the time of its inception, "A blue sky blends an ocean of light into a final wave that embraces the tropical beach that is awaiting it's arrival. Just the spot to daydream. Of course, you are free to see whatever you choose–that is the beauty of abstract art.

Black and White Print

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Published Title: Boundary Bay Seascape
Medium: Black and White Photography
Description: Landscape
Black and white photography has such a way of making us see things in a different light–literally–a different light. Usually when we think of the beach we think of the bright blue or yellow lights of the spectrum that play in harmony. However, black and white photography puts us in a a position to pay attention to lines of white light. Take this image for example, do you see how the light catches your eye? And do you wonder where it takes you? A mountain ridge beyond. What's over there? That's what I like about art, it inspires one to remember that thing that we mange to forget about during a stressful, busy day at the office–to look for the wonderment around us and see where it takes our imagination.

Hey, Triton, have you lost something?

Photographic print of seashells by V Lausen
Published Title: 005a Still Life Sea Shells
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Shells on bed of kelp
When the tide is out, it's so much fun to walk along the shore and discover all the little treasures left behind. My first impression of these shells were that they looked like a little bow-tie. Ooh, maybe the legend is true. You know the one where a ‘merman’ caught his necktie on a piece of coral while he was franticly swimming after his one true love. Apparently, the conch shell had sounded midnight at thr annual sea turtle ball, and his mermaid high-tailed it before... Hey, I'm just telling you what the crusty old sailor at the pier told me.