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Sunday, September 24, 2017

An affordable way to land art

Country art will bring a tranquility into your home country decor, whether you're decorating the walls of a downtown condo or a stuffy boardroom that needs some fresh air, these country art prints and posters will fit nicely on any of those walls. And if you're blessed enough to call a house or a cabin ‘home’, then you're going to want to emphasize… to read more

Back-Roads Through the Country

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Published Title: Bound To Be Trees
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Scenic view along a path
What is it about a back-road in the country? I mean it's a real art form to navigate some of them. They can be winding. They can be full of unforgiving gravel. They can be so far away from civilization that when it rains, those roads keep you just plain stuck in a rut! As a kid I remember sitting in the back seat of the car, cruising down some dusty road on our way to visit relatives. It seemed to go on forever. The only thing it offered were trees, the odd barn, and sometimes a lonely cow that would look up from it's grazing and give a look that said, "They gotta be lost!" That was fantastic, because feeling lost was exactly my definition of adventure. Those were the days because now so many want their shiny, new cars on a smooth highway to get from one point to the next as quickly as possible. Too bad, they don't know what they're missing...

Scenic Blue

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Published Title: An Evening Creeks Upon Us
Medium: Black and White Photography
Description: Deep blue tone
The country is the perfect backdrop for artists to discover their passion for capturing nature. There's the stillness of the water and the rustling of the trees in a summer breeze. Personally, I think the rich variety of colours that country art has to offer any room with a country decor theme is amazing.

Go ahead; pick a daisy

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Published Title: One of the Daisies
Medium: Colour Photography
Description: Gerber Daisy flower
Do Pick the Daisies! Yes, you're welcome to 'pick' these popular garden daisies and take them home. The best part is, this floral art won't need watering and you'll be amazed how long it will live on your walls.

Story from above continued…

your decor style with a rural scenery of fields full of hay or golden wheat, fences, tractors, old trucks, wheels, horses, pigs, roasters... Well, that’s one excellent way to go with rural decorating, however, I’m not that kind of country artist. No, I’m more about a ‘less concrete’ and ‘more gravel’ or dirt road kind of photographer. I have a real soft spot for the idea of nature posing in a portrait, rather than nature remaining strictly as a backdrop to showcasing objects with rustic appeal. I more about what you’ll see during the experience of driving to the house where you’ll get some hardy country food like a breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.

Anyhow, I hope I didn’t lead you into feeling like you’re now in the middle of nowhere when you clicked to explore this webpage. It wasn’t my intent to have you feel lost in the country. But, it is my intent to express myself, and as a girl raised in the country, I will always express myself with a country heart no matter what this subject matter is.