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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Flower prints fresh from the garden

Garden art is about bringing the outdoors, indoors. It's about covering our home walls full of floral accents, like pictures of flowers, to create our own personal Garden of Eden. Because deep down in our roots, no pun intended, we know looking at images of flowers reminds us of the sustenance and beauty of life and keeps us hopeful. Decorating with garden art is like growing a perspective in our homes that flowers can bloom and bloom everyday, not just in the spring, but with the added benefits that they never wilt or need watering. It's about splashes of red (roses), orange (bird of paradise), yellow (daisies), green (cacti), blue (viola), indigo (iris) and violet (lavender) colours on the walls. Wait a minute, didn't I just give you the colours of the rainbow. That said, let's not forget the most perfect colour of all. You know, the one where… to read more

Black and white tulip for timeless decorating

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Published Title: Tulip Petals in Urn - Still Life
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Vintage expression of flowers

The general concept of an orange tulip

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Published Title: Tulip Mania
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Abstract Art

Classic Tulip Bulbs

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Published Title: Dried Tulip Bulbs - Still Life Botanical
Medium: Colour Photography
Description: Two flower bulbs
Missed the spring seeding? Enjoy what our studio garden grew last year and yes, more seeds and bulbs have been planted. But, I have a confession. I purposely didn't plant these tulip bulbs so that I could capture this close-up. It has that old european mystic about it that one of the renaissance painters would have loved to capture in their strokes on a painting. A rich range of burgundy colours and fine details set against a dark mysterious background. Nice touch to any french country kitchen.

A Magnolia flower wakes up fresh

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Published Title: Awakening Magnolia
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Intimate close-up of a bloom

Story from above continued…

nature adds the light of all the colours into one and creates white. Is there anything more luminous against a richly painted wall than a white flower image such as a lily?

Last but not least, it's about mood that garden flowers and plants create. I know that on the day the Lausen Arts studio has a delicate flower waiting for its image to be captured on a photograph, there's an indescribable state of stillness in the air. Somehow these little gems from the earth sense that their beauty is being captured and preserved on to timeless botanical prints. And for this, they sit peaceful, smelling divine throughout the entire process, and at just the right moment, they expose their soul in a way that Mona Lisa would have envied. And with that said, how could I not pass this art on to all who want their home environments to reflect this same lasting beauty and peace.