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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Add spirit to your mexican casa

"So, the trip to the Mexican Riviera was so exciting that you've decided to bring that same spirit of Mexico back and decorate your home―pardon me―your hacienda, with the same fiery passion as you experienced on your vacation?”
"Si. Can you help me?”… to read more

Saved by the bell

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Published Title: A Song is Lifted
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Church bell tower
What stands out for me with Mexican decor is the way people are willing to surround their home environment with iconic religious art to express their faith. It definitely gives the walls alot of soul.

What's your jug filled to the brim with?

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Published Title: Cantaro
Medium: Sepia Photography
Description: Mexican style jug
Before you can consider your hacienda decoration project complete, you'll have to make sure that some sort of cantaro representation is on display. If floor space is limited, then consider a print like the one below for a your mexican wall are. Can you imagine how beautiful this timeless, earthy, and textured treasure would be to look at while you nibble on frijoles con queso dip and chips in the kitchen? Perhaps, you can extend your imagination a little more and, pon esta flor en el cántaro ;-)

Story from above continued…

"Sure. I always have time to discuss how one can add spark to their homes, especially with mexican style."
"Great. But, first I'm going to go get some nachos and a margarita. Must be withdrawals"
"Ok, Señorita, do whatever gets you in the latin mood and while you prepare that, I'll just sit back and try to envision how my dream hacienda would look...Oh, it's amazing. I can see beautiful black swirls in the distressed iron that identifies the entrance and adorns the windows. I see colourful and fragrant flowers. Hm, I wonder if calla lilies, like the mexican artist Diego Rivera painted, would grow in terracotta pots?. Better have a flower seller educate me in on the botanical details, or better yet, just have her bring me huge bundles of those creamy gems to put in vases all over the interior of my home. Gee, wonder what kind of vases a hacienda would have? I know, lots of them! Yikes, this could cost me a few pesos. I know, I'll get them at the market. Yes, a mexican market is full of wonderful decor items. I know, I'll try and get some vases with mexican folk art or ancient mayan designs painted all over them. Wonder if I could get any matching clay masks too? They're fun for the walls. However, not too many, because I know that one of the living room walls has to be dedicated to latin lovers―I mean―mexican dancers. The art will be like an inspirational print inspiring me to be just like them―wearing flowing, bright dresses with flowers in my hair... Okay, okay now I'm dreaming within a dream, because I'll never be able to dance like those tango artists. However, what I can do, is play some latin music like, "Y Asi Nacio Este Tango", and still pretend I'm at the Tango Club, yet still be in my home snuggled near my loved one... Then, when we grow weary of that mood and want to liven things up, all we have to do is throw on some classical guitar songs like, "Agua Azul" and "Bamboleo", turn up the volume and head to the kitchen where the real fun can begin. Olé, bring on the mexican food and bring it on with red, hot, spicy chilies! Wow, I could really go for some..."
"Wake up! Wake up! Where were you?"
"Oh, I was just fantasizing about decorating my own hacienda and I guess I got carried away."
"Yah, all the way to Cancun. Hey, why don't you change your home into a mexican theme as well?
"Hellooo, I live in a condo and... No, wait a second, you could be right. Why don't I. After all it's amazing how fast one can create a new decor style just by changing a few art prints. My walls are already painted a neutral colour like the adobe walls, so the base is ready. All I would have to do is add some new mexican art prints. Thanks, you're an angel! That's just what I needed to perk up my mood! See you later..."
"Wait a second, I thought you were going to help me with my mexican decor?"
"Maybe tomorrow, but today, I've got my own spanish spark to ignite..."