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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Decorating a Paris Apartment with mystery

To define this particular decorating style would be very presumptuous on my part. Then again, of all the styles that I could actually be so forward as to create my own definition for, this would be the one. Why? Because that's what I presume a French decor style is, and that's what I sense it would take to decorate a place in Paris - it would take forwardness, or dare I say, an… to read more

This abstract makes no sense - perfect!

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Published Title: Breezed Through A Garden
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Abstract floral representation
What better way to add mystery to a room than with an abstract print. The more different the imagesthe more fitting. La différence is an essential to a Paris Apartment style.

Pink Compels Parisienne Decor to Blush

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Published Title: A Blushing Pink Pearl Rose
Medium: Colour Photography
Description: Close-up of a pink rose
Of course pink would be the rose colour of choice for any girl living in a environment with a french twist–it's the colour of love. And although your beau as switched from pink roses to chocolates for now, that doesn't mean you can't still leave little hints lying around on how much you love these botanical wonders.

Story from above continued…


Now, that doesn't actually help anyone know exactly what that would entail. What is this 'attitude' I'm referring to? You couldn't walk into a furniture store and say, “Bonjour, I'd like to buy some attitude.” “Which attitude would you like Madame?” Which attitude would I like? Hmmm, good question. Last time I checked, the list for attitudes was a mile long. It included words like: adventurous, arrogant, creative, curious, joyous, harmonic, indifferent, etc., and of course, like I said earlier, presumptuous. So, what exactly do I mean when I say that one should decorate their their living quarters with attitude.

When I had pondered the idea of attitude on a deeper level the only phrase that came to mind over and over again was “What a mystery it is.” Voilà - that's it. Mysterious. When one walks into a room that has been arranged with this type of expression, their initial experience shouldn't automatically be to focus on the obviousness of each furnishing's detail, like the age of the hardwood floors or the fabric's weave on the sofa or the size of the coffee table books regarding a cooking school in Provence or the history of the Eiffel Tower, no, one should instantly be captivated by an overall air of mystery. It’s like the space itself knows something and it also knows that you don't know what it is. Yes, that's it, a Parisienne Apartment should be an enigma. Even the Louvre Museum confirms this essential idea of showcasing a room with an element of mystery. What's hanging on their walls? The Mona Lisa. What's she doing? Conveying, a mystery. Her very smile exudes, “I know something you don't know.” Millions of people are attracted to that one room every year just to take in that attitude she's exhibiting. It works for her, it works for the museum, and it can work for you and your home's presentation too.

So, start there. Explore decorating elements that leave you wondering if they would even work or not. As far as I'm concerned, a pink flower is a good beginning. What exactly is it about a floral in pink that one can't live without? That when you 'should be' featuring a serene landscape with rolling hills, but you end up flaunting a bright pink flower on the wall instead and everyone loves it. That's a mystery to me, but that’s what I love about it too.