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Sunday, September 24, 2017

A home that longs for the wild

When I started my art training, long before my sixth birthday, my medium of choice was ‘Crayola’. I loved knowing exactly which colour was for which drawing on the page I was colouring. However, there were two crayon colours that caused me to pause and ponder without this confidence — one was burnt orange and the other was burnt sienna. The keyword that really threw me was the word ‘burnt’. What did that really mean? You see to me, as a kid, burnt meant charcoal. Like the steaks my dad cooked once — no, no just kidding.

It wasn’t until… to read more

An abstraction that is burning hot

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Published Title: Burnt Orange
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Fiery bold orange, red, and yellow

Agave Plant

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Published Title: 0008E Southwestern Botanical Series - Agave
Medium: Black and White Photography
Description: Close-up image of a plant
Did you know that raw agave nectar can be eaten on ice cream? Or that it's the plant used for manufacturing tequila? No wonder the indigenous people of the southwestern regions valued this little treasure since it is guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's face.

Cactus as a star

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Published Title: 0008E Southwestern Botanical Series - Cactus
Medium: Black and White Photography
Description: Close-up image of a plant
It would be a painful experience to climb to the top of a cactus just to see how the view is from up there. So you can see how thrilled I was to come across a situation where I was allowed to remember that there’s a STAR as its crowning glory.

The power of a vortex

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Published Title: 0004d Abstract Wood Photography
Medium: Black and White
Description: Close-up image of a wood from Sedona
This close up image of Sedona sacred wood is from the Lausen Arts ‘Abstract Wood’ collection. This fallen tree branch was captured while standing on the sacred ground of a Sedona Vortex in the desert of Arizona. It struck me, no pun intended, as lightning - a perfect visual to represent the energy that is emerging from the ground up within the vortex A perfect abstract image of one of earth’s many wonders.

Lost in a canyon

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Published Title: Boxed In A Slotted Canyon
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Abstract Art

Story from above continued…

years later, on my first trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, that I truly understood. The soil wasn’t plain, old brown, it was richer and more intense than that — it was burnt sienna. Same with the sunsets. They weren’t orange — they were burnt orange. Don’t ask me to explain any further, I’m an artist and not a crayon maker, but they got it right. The land is warm. It’s burnt. And if you are decorating with a southwestern theme, you can’t go wrong having those colours painted on an accent wall or woven in an area rug containing a Native American Indian motif.

Something else you can’t go wrong with, when decorating your adobe walls in burnt sienna is finishing the look with black and white photography. Especially, if the images are of the native plants, like agave or cactus. Black and white will complement the colours. They will give a nostalgic and timelessness feel of the land indoors. The pointed thorns will remind us these plants can survive predators, under the intense conditions of blazing heat and no water for months. The unique lines and patterns will humbly remind us who the master artist is amongst us — mother nature.