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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tropical prints look fresh and lush

If you live in the desert, during intense days of heat, you long for a little moisture in the air and someone waving a palm leaf over you until you finally doze off and are dreaming about strolling on the white sands of a caribbean island or lounging poolside and sipping a sweet coconut beverage.

So, how do you create a tropical decor style like this in your living room or bedroom? Easy, keep the palette a creamy neutral and then incorporate… to read more

Bamboo blowing out an abstraction

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Published Title: Bend Like Bamboo
Medium: Digital Painting - Colour
Description: Rich greens


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Published Title: 1 of 3 Home Decor Tropical Fern
Medium: Colour Photography
Description: Floral Close-up
It doesn't get any more lush, fresh, and tropical than with young ferns. This fern photography looks like the shoots just uncoiled about an hour ago–so fresh and new.

Make peace with a lily

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Published Title: 0001 Peace Lily Flower
Medium: Black and White Photography
Description: Floral
Most Peace Lily flower images are often set against a green background, which makes sense as that is the colour of their home walls, so to speak. However, when I captured this black and white fine art photographic print, I knew I wanted to focus on how beautiful the white petal was. It was so luminous in that moment that it was almost transparent. The only thing not perfect about this piece of artwork is that I should have given it a more regal name, like 'Tropical Radiance' or 'Illuminating Peace'. Guess I'll just have to come to peace with it...

Story from above continued…

tropical art, emphasizing sun, green lush plants, parrots, beach scenes with evening sunsets. You can be broad with your tropical art choices or you can lean towards a specific island style. Hawaiian art is always popular, but so is the art from Tahiti. The famous Post-Impressionist artist and painter Paul Gauguin would agree with the later choice, as his art represents his passion for capturing that tropical paradise's bold colours and island charm. Too bad his relationship with Vincent Van Gogh was so rocky, as it would have been truly fascinating to see what Van Gogh's eyes would have seen, with regards to the flora, if a trip together could have been possible. After all, he had his straw hat ready for long hours painting on a sandy shore.