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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall for a tuscan brown print

In many ways, the Tuscany ’is’ a work of art. From the picturesque winding roads that are lined with cypress trees, to a perfectly set table that holds plates of Risotto ai Pomodoro, thinly sliced prosciutto, or fresh pane that's just dying to take a dip in a bowl of extra virgin olive oil. Everywhere you cast your eyes, a work of art stares back at you. For this reason, when I… to read more

Ciao, as in, hello to an abstract print

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Published Title: Tuscan Brown Art Decoded
Medium: Digital Painting - Browns
Description: Abstract Art
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Published Title: Tuscan Brown Art Decoded II
Medium: Digital Painting - Browns
Description: Abstract Art
Sometimes when the image is exactly how we see it, we often take the colours within the artwork for granted. That's why Tuscan abstract art can be just what you're looking for if you want to draw attention in a room to the colours where there aren't many colours that represent the Tuscany browns...

Abstract Food for Thought

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Published Title: Cannoli Shell
Medium: Digital Painting - Red, Yellow and Oranges
Description: Abstract Art
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Framing Examples

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Why create an abstract piece of art in honour of the Italian dessert, Cannoli? Because I love these little tiny fried pastry tubes filled with rich cream. They're the perfect representation for the sweet idea of food that is finger licking good - after all they look exactly like a finger. And with that said, in honour of eating with our fingers, why not order “ten’! Five filled with ricotta and five filled with mascarpone. Yum! Then hang a print in your kitchen to remember the occasion.

Story from above continued…

…was an art student years ago, I found it quite odd that someone would need to study art in this region of Italy since very little imagination was really required to create an artistic masterpiece. All you had to do was paint or photograph exactly what was in front of you. The landscapes seemed already primed and practically begging for someone, anyone, to just capture it's beauty. But, that said, what makes an artist so unique is that they don't just replica what’s in front of them―they look at it and they see something over and above what others see. Good thing, otherwise we wouldn't have any paintings of angels that Leonardo da Vinici, Botticelli, or Caravaggio painted.

So, if you're here at this Tuscan decor page, then you must be looking to create a masterpiece yourself. Is it a home decorating project? Do you have a home that's primed and begging to have it’s Italian essence captured? Are you stuck on the word 'beautiful', but just can't figure out which decor style really expresses that kind of ambiance? I'll give you a hint, by telling you what many Italians would say if you asked them to define ‘beautiful’. They would boldly say, with a twinkle in their eye, "Che bella la Toscana!" That's right, the Tuscany is the epitome of beauty.

Now, what do you do once you're convinced that your home has the soul of a beautiful Italian villa and is begging to be expressed as such? After all, it could take you a few years before a fresco was be finished on the ceiling. I know, I know, apparently Michelangelo (Tuscan painter born just east of Florence in a little village called, Caprese) painted the image of God in a day at the Sistine Chapel, but.... Now that’s not to say you can’t have the work of the masters, that was created elsewhere, in your home. Why not, the Tuscans travel and would easily bring back art as home furnishings from other parts of Italy, especially if they was created by their beloved sons of the Tuscany. But, ultimately this isn’t about Rome. This is about Florence and Siena and Pisa and Pistoia, and a land that is full of hills covered in vineyards, olive groves, iris florentina, and bright red poppies...

So, in other words, I recommend that you start your Tuscan decorating project based on that, and I also encourage you to start it here, because not only do you save yourself hours of tiring air travel, bouncing from one connecting flight to the next, but you won't ware down your favourite Italian shoes on those unforgiving cobblestones as you endlessly bounce from shop to shop looking for the perfect furnishings to complete your Tuscan decor style. Why bother, when you can leisurely scroll along here at the same stress free pace as an Italian Passeggiata (evening stroll) and safely pick out what brings you the most pleasure safely knowing they will fit within a Tuscan style. Because, you see, I’ve diligently sifted through the art that depicts a timeless, classic, and without a doubt, beautiful Tuscan look, and organized them into a collection for you already. After all, time would be better spent enjoying your 'beautiful' home and entertaining those guests of yours that won't know how they know, but will nonetheless cheer fluently, "Che bella la Toscana!" And you can just smile, raise your glass of chianti and celebrate in fact that you had enough imagination to line your walls with your new, personal and affordable Tuscan art collection. “Brava!”