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Abstract Digital Painting

Graphic Design


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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Who I am

Hello there! Welcome. I'll start off by letting you know that the website's name, Lausen Arts, is based on my surname and not the picturesque municipality of Lausen, Switzerland. Actually, I'm a Canadian fine art photographer, digital abstract artist, and graphic designer. Like many artists, the theme of my life has circulated around creativity. I've studied various aspects of art, from traditional illustration, to art history, to black and white photography, to digital graphic design, all through a range of institutions located around the world, from Florence, Italy, to New York, to Vancouver. After training, I was blessed to work as an artist, however it wasn't long before the road turned and lead me knee deep into the world of technology. This was exciting at first, however it started to become more corporate and less artistic. It was about seven years ago when I realized that daily life was full of stress and lacked luster, so I decided to keep my toe in the ever evolving world of technology, which I loved, but I would also place my full attention back in the world of artwhich I love more. So, that brings me here.

Why I decided to have a website

My photographic prints are handled by Fine Art America and any art that I wish to sell on products like journals, mugs, t-shirts, etc., are sold via Cafepress. I have dedicated online art galleries at both, therefore it's totally unnecessary for me to have this online personal website, however, it seemed that I needed a type of hub to connect everything together. Plus, it would offer me the freedom to write longer descriptions or stories behind my artwork.

What I think are benefits from

All of my artistic creations have some type of story behind them and sometimes I like to share with others what inspired those creations to begin with. So, if you don't feel inspired to purchase creative work today, no problem, then maybe I can at least offer you this type of inspiration—a journey of the mind towards creativity.

Contact Information

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