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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Decorate Your Walls with Style

In fashion, it's the accessories that polish a look and confirm a distinct style. And art on the walls of our home is no different. Prints complete a room; like jewelry or a good hat finishes a stylish outfit.

So, after the paint is dry and the crown moulding is secure, how would one find that perfect wall accessory; that perfect image to hang on the wall; that perfect gem that will reflect the mood or environment that they are wishing to convey? Well, this website could be an answer. Simply click below on a theme that matches your decorating vision, and you will find my artwork, that I feel will express that style. Hopefully these pages will give you some ideas to work with, so that you can move forward in a direction that will complete your home decorating project.
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How a girl was inspired to refresh a room with new art

It was a dull, gray morning as the clouds did their best to cover every inch of the sky. A perfect morning for staying indoors with a hot, steamy latte. As she cozied up with a new fashion magazine, she found it impossible to stay with the new spring collections and instead found herself staring at the living room walls. She wondered what it was exactly, that was so distracting, but all she could come up with was how lifeless they seemed. Was the weather casting a shadow or was it the paint? Could it be time for a new colour? Maybe it was the couch or the carpet? Gosh, as she stared out the window pondering this new dilemma, maybe it had nothing to do with the interior at all, perhaps it was the neighbourhood... No, no not the neighbourhood, that was just getting carried away; she liked the area, close to cafes and the people were friendly. Besides, that last move had almost ended a happy relationship with... her knees. So, she perished the last thought, put her mind in reverse and hoped to discover what had started her on this tangent of discontent. The only thing she could focus on was the ‘decorating’ as a whole. That was it, the home decor needed to be perked up. It needed something different. It needed redoing. Yup, that was it, she needed to redecorate!

So, she did the next logical thing any girl of the times would do when she needed information; she went to her computer and started searching with phrases like “home decor style”, “home decorating style”, and “style at home”. After all, starting with a decor style seemed like the right thing to do because she had heard once that most decor themes were based on cultures. All she had to do was think about where she had once dreamed of going in this big, wide world and the first step of revamping a room would be officially underway.

Whoa! So much came up! She had always wanted to go to Africa and surely decorating with an african theme would be cheaper than purchasing an airline ticket. Click. Zebra striped sofa, a tribal wood coffee table, and carpet in a savanna red. All she needed was a roar... Hm, but what about that dream to have an extended stay in a charming apartment in Paris? Would it be too much to get an Eiffel tower lamp stand with a pink tasseled shade. What about toile drapes? Yes, lots of toile. Of course, she couldn’t live without the burnished gilt dishes for the bonbons or the... Wait a second, she didn’t need new candy dishes. And then, as fast as she had snapped into this purchasing frenzy, she suddenly snapped out of it. What was she doing? She had started down a path that might just have taken her places where return tickets were hard to come by, like to the land of debit. This was going to take some more thought. Think! Think!

Then she heard her little voice say, “Take a minute and start from the beginning. You were unhappy about the decor. You brought up the carpet, the couch, then the walls...”

“That’s right, it was the walls,” she replied, waiting for approval.

The voice wouldn’t give in, “Keep going; you’re getting warmer.”

“The walls need new paint; they’re lifeless!” she said matter-of-factly.

“Maybe, but what really makes the walls come ALIVE?”

“Art? THE ART! I need some new art!” she declared with glee.

Wow, that was close. She had almost started down a path of re-doing it all, when all she had to do was change the artwork or add some more prints alongside the existing ones. Have you almost done that? Oh, come on, admit it. Heck, I’ve almost done that and I’m around art all day long. I have multiple print choices for rotating in my home and yet the same print will stay on the wall like it’s glued on the nail. It seems if we hung a print at the beginning of our decorating project, it should remain in the same spot no matter what. Funny how we'll go to great lengths to change everything else around first, before we'll change the art. Why, you ask? Well, because we liked it when we first got it―it was fantastic! It worked with the colours around it and it articulated a little bit of ourselves through it. It added style to a room. But, here’s the thing, you change, and deep down you long for change and the same artist that created that treasured piece to begin with, even changes his canvas to create new art. So, don’t worry, we won’t be insulted. Do you honestly think I wouldn’t be happy if you bought some of my new artwork and took down the previous piece for awhile? I say change it up! As an artist, I trust you will put the art you had hanging into a safe storage container. So go for it! Buy a new print. Pick a new style. Take the shabby chic flower print down and replace it with some cactus prints―tada―southwestern decor. Or better still, if the flower was a Georgia O’Keeffe, leave it up, add the cactus print and you now have southwestern decor with a stroke of Santa Fe. All in all, shake it up a bit, create your own look or style. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but us artists like a shaker and if you’re not careful, we might feel inspired to create a new art movement just for you if you’re bold enough to live it...

Now, if you think I’m wrong at this point, by all means totally redecorate. I’ll support you, heck I’ll even cheer you on, as I’ve seen some amazing home decorating makeovers out there. But, if you think I have said something that might have resonated with you, then I suggest you stay here, look around and start changing the walls with some marvelous prints and posters! You’ll be surprised how fast your room’s style can be transformed with ART.