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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The idea of welcoming someone to my online art gallery seems to be an art form in and of itself. I mean, ‘welcome’ just doesn’t seem to be enough, and going on with, “Hello, come in, thanks for coming, please check out my photography, and digital abstract art, and gratitude journals, and read my inspirational stories, and, and, and,” is just plain…well, you get the point. Anyhow, with that said, I think I’ll just do what I feel is best, which is to step back and offer you visual representations that will communicate those so called thousand words themselves…

Art Subjects Matter to Me

Now categorizing individual pieces of artwork for you to view has become an interesting challenge as well. It’s not like an image neatly fits into one specific topic. Many images and graphic designs contain enough unique details that they could fit within four, six, or ten different ideas. However, one still has to start somewhere, and since the obvious is always to start from the top or home base, here you go - the primary art subjects. As you click through, I hope your needs are met because, whether it’s for finding a print that matches a home decor style or whether it’s for finding a gift for another’s wall, it truly matters to me.
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Where to buy my prints-on-demand?

Where can I buy art? Well, that's an easy answer, "Here!" I'm sure there's some abstract art prints or black and white photography art on this site that will bring you pleasure and enhance any one of the walls, whether it's in your living-room, dining-room, kids room, kitchen, or home office. Feel free to wander around the pages, however if you are aware of my work and want a more direct approach to owning a print, you can get straight to the well-known company that prints and ships my reproductions:

My appreciation for life

I love to write in notebooks of appreciation, so I decided to dedicate some time to designing covers that suit my idea of, either artistic or fun. As you can see below, I like bold, vibrant colours as well as the good old timeless expressions of black, white and grey. Other gratitude journal ideas that you might be GRATEFUL for. ;-)

Journals for Documenting Artistic and Home Project Ideas

Technology is fantastic, however, one can have all the digital equipment in the world and still reach for a notebook full of good, old paper. Why? Well, because there's an unyielding energy that is determined to be captured on a page, with a pencil, when we sketch spur-of-the-moment art visions or quickly need to make notes regarding home decor ideas. It's absolutely charming to open a journal and see page after page of wordy descriptions alongside illustrations or magazine clippings that inspired one. The following are journal covers. I think they then become 'the' art journal. Anyhow, I designed the following covers. I wanted them to be black and white because I think there's a simplistic beauty in a collection when it's identical, and I used calligraphy text because I wanted to emphasize that there was a 'flow' of creativity happening between the covers and not just routine data collecting. If you'd like to read more about how much I value My Journals feel free to explore my page.
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Type: White calligraphy on black background
Description: Journal for writing or doodling
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