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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What's the difference between motivational and inspirational?

Motivation is when you need to vigorously stir the energy within to push yourself onward and inspirational is when your inner Source Energy gently calls you forward.

The line is fine and there's nothing wrong with the idea of motivation. Believe me, I get the need to be triggered. Come see me on some Monday morning. However, truth be told, I prefer the concept of inspirited. I like the feeling of easy and effortless. I like the feeling of wanting to do something, rather than ‘gotta’ do something. An inspired life seems more like a life full of in-joy-ment, rather than a life full of resistance.

Anyhow, that's why you'll primarily find work here that inspired me. And in turn, hopefully it will gently call you towards it as well. So, if you feel nudged to look closer at any of the photography and read the quotes and/or you'd like to know which online gallery you can buy one of the products at, then just click on the image below.
ANGEL inspirational poster and story
BEAUTY inspirational poster and story
BREATHE inspirational poster and story
COMPASSION inspirational poster and story
COMPASSION inspirational poster and story
Gratitude Journal and story
HEART inspirational design and story
Heart representing link to I Love That Poem
OPTIMISM inspirational poster and story