Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I love that!

Poster by Lausen Arts
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Black text on white background. Bold, yet heartfelt image accents the print.
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On the morning of May 21, 2014 I had a real change of heart about how to appreciate life.
It all started when… read the full story on how the poem was created.

My heartfelt words for appreciating life:

I love:
that words can be kind,
that hair can curl,
that zippers can zip,
that raspberries can swirl.

I love:
that oceans can wave,
that red can be deep,
that children can giggle,
that a horn can beep.

I love:
that glass can be clear,
that printers can print,
that pencils can get sharp,
that pepper can be with mint.

I love:
that lights can be bright,
that noses can smell,
that metal can be shiny,
that a body can get well.

I love:
that boats can float,
that wind can blow,
that leaves can fall,
that leaves can grow.

I love:
that an idea can work,
that candles can flick,
that signs can give directions,
that a check box can have a tick.

I love:
that mothers can be loving,
that fathers can explain,
that brothers can be fun,
that sisters can be the same.

I love:
that gum can be chewy,
that ears can hear,
that floors can be solid,
that you can be near.

I love:
that snow can flake,
that chocolate can melt,
that ribbons can be smooth,
that joy can be felt.

I love:
that yellow can be on a daisy,
that skies can be big,
that fields can be wide,
that musicians can play at a gig.

I love:
that roads can be curvy,
that roads can be straight,
that glitter can be for sparkling,
that friends can become a mate.

I love:
that purple can be royal,
that the sun can get hot,
that paint can paint a picture,
that dogs can be called spot.

I love:
that butterflies can flutter,
that feet can walk the walk,
that sugar can be sweet,
that lips can help you talk.

I love:
that a mind can be changed,
that an end can be over,
that a book can be read,
that a rock can be a boulder.

I love:
that dew can be dewy,
that raindrops can be soft,
that stars can twinkle,
that a house can have a loft.

I love:
that tea can be strong,
that tea can be weak,
that twins can be paired,
that a mountain can reach its peak.

I love:
that fires can crackle,
that pillows can hold a head,
that switches can be flipped,
that dreams can beheld in bed.

I love:
that stairs can be climbed,
that birds can fly at night,
that doors can be opened,
that paper can be white.

I love:
that ice cream can freeze,
that lawns can be mowed,
that cakes can be decorated,
that rivers can flow.

I love:
that rulers can be measured,
that horses can be rode,
that turtles can swim,
that truth can be told.

I love:
that a poem can rhyme,
that a poem can make one think,
that loving can go on forever,
even if one has run out of ink.

© 2016 Lausen