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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where does beauty come from?

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"Beauty unfolds from our heart."
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This has been the question asked since...

...time began and it will go on being asked until time is over. Why? Because in actuality, we don't really know the real answer behind that question. We don't even know how to properly define what beauty is, let alone explain where it comes from. Or can't we?

Let's start with this: when I try to explain what beauty is, I'm usually left speechless, as in no words come to mind – silence. Now if I fight that silence and reach for an explanation, that's just a dumbfounded quietness. However, if I embrace the stillness of my mind; a state of silence I realize that I have embraced a state of Being silent. That's right, it is an actual state of Being.

What's that state of Being being? Well, I think it's being The Life Force, or the Source Energy, or The Original Creator of Love... It could be referred to as Consciousness, with a capital C. And what is Consciousness doing in my mind? Again, words fail me, but I do know it's there. I figure, just because I can't explain the silence, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist OR that I'm not conscious of it? Clearly I am. So, to me, that's what beauty is: It is when we are consciously aware of our Consciousness. It when we are aware of that Consciousness; that Life Force, our outward expression of that is beauty.

So, then, where does it come from? To be continued...