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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Our connection is through the heart

Symbol for love. Illustration with heart. Lausen Arts
Saying: Blank
Black and red on white background
Published ID: 11024418
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This was a fun illustration to work on. It thrills me when the artwork, like the one above, can stand on its own ‘expressive’ merit without any wording in-sight. Guess it speaks strictly from the heart. ;-) However, every now and then, I do feel called to lay a design out with some of the perceptions I get from it. See below for some of those examples.
Love has a hold on me illustration
Saying: Love has a hold on me
Description: Black and red on white background
Published ID: 9052547
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One of the first obvious messages that I picked up on with this visual was the idea of holding hands. Of course this isn't an exact depiction of how we would display two people holding their hands, but that's what's enjoyable about it. So, I have a question for you – which came first: Love encouraged us to hold our love's hand ‘or’ holding a hand sparked our love to bloom into a heart? Hmm – something to ponder. Just make sure you're holding someone's hand when you think about it – research in the field and all that.
Only love comes between us illustraion
Saying: You've got to hand it to love; it really likes to bring people together
Black and red on white
Published ID: 9052589
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So, based on the above question which asked whether love invited us to hold hands or was it the other way around, I'd have to say my answer would be: Love ‘heartens’ us to hold hands. That's right, it inspires us to befriend or connect or link with others and for that, I've got to hand it to love, or is that, I've got to give love a big hand. Cue applause...
Only love comes between us illustraion
Saying: Only love comes between us
Description: Black and red on white
Published ID: 9052621
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"Nothing is going to come between us," well if nothing is going to come between you, then why not seal the deal by pulling that gap of nothingness together, and ‘bonding’ it shut with the attachment of love called an engagement. It just could be the start of a very air tight relationship. Here’s wishing the proposal comes on Valentine's Day...
Pinky Promise artwork on poster.
Saying: Pinky Promise
Description: Black and red on white
Published ID: 9052516
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And speaking of promises... Maybe a vow of long term commitment like marriage is a bit too ‘deep’ for the relationship at this time, so why not just enjoy your friendship for a while. There's no reason to get all caught up with future achievements when you haven't fully explored the present. Then, in time, before you move to the ring finger, you could test the waters with the pinky finger in an heartfelt pledge. Remember to keep in mind, a promise is to express assurance that something is possible to achieve, not a way to set someone up for failure or break the spirit of the relationship. You're friends, first and foremost, so when you come up with an idea to explore each other's dedication, keep the promise simple and do it with the intent to see a favourable outcome. True love has the desire to see all involved make the journey's end together. Maybe for now why don't you just vow to be each other's valentine this year. P.S., see if you can find away to seal the deal with chocolates and a kiss...