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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Motifs keep recurring to me

I'm going to repeat myself on this subject, so bear with me. In fact, I'm going to repeat myself so often that you're going to think you're seeing a pattern. Don't worry. You're not imagining things — I'm the one who is.

You see, it all started one day when I just couldn't leave a sweet little vector line well enough alone. I was innocent enough, I just wanted to see what would happen if I bent it out of shape. oOh, what occurred next was a stroke of luck — a swirl unfolded before my eyes. Then, because I was so thrilled with the outcome, I couldn't help but replicate what I had done and, go figure, a pattern was formed. Well, it didn't take long for me to put two and two together and then two and two together, and then... See, I told you, I liked to repeat myself. Anyhow, some would think I'm mad, and I'll agree, I'm mad about motifs. And I'm especially, fond of them as sharp contrasting blacks and whites.

Black and white designs

Whether it's an individual motif or a motif turned into a pattern, all of my art on this page is available on products especially designed for decorating a home. However, you may find when you click on the below button to see further details on how to purchase, that some images will be also available on clothing items as well. shortcut to colour motifs.
A single rose design with unique brush stroke
Motif Single Rose 1407251
Black and gray motif of a floral design
Motif Johg Flower 1410011
Leaf Motif with a white flower
Leaves a Flower-1411211
Pattern artwork in a leaf and flower motif
Leaves a Flower 1411212
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Flower 1407221
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Flower 1407222
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Flower 1407181
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Flower 1407183
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Palmette Black 090122
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Palmette 1406281
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Palmette 1406282
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Palmette 1406283
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Cross on Black 090122
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Cross 090122
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Cross 1407032
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Motif 12121v3
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Heart on Black 080204
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Heart 080204
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Hearts on Black 130628
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Hearts 130628
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Four Hearts 1407084
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Six Hearts 1407084

Not everything is so black and white in life

I primarily focus on black and white designs because that is my passion, however, sometimes I do feel the inner pull to see what a creation would look like in colour. The seasons can really bring this impulse on, especially when I see the gorgeous fall leaves and holiday expressions. Who doesn't love a good patchwork print?
Red Rose Motif inspired by Valentine
Motif with eight leaves and a white flower
Leaves a Flower 1411213Gr
Patchwork in green designed with leaves
Leaves a Flower 1411214Gr
Christmas Motif is red and green
Holly Patchwork design
Holly Patchwork
Green Leaf Motif inspired by Summer
Orange Leaf Motif inspired by Fall
Blue Leaf Motif inspired by Winter
Purple Leaf Motif inspired by Spring