Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Artist does a double take

“I was absolutely shocked by what I saw in that painting!” said the observer, “I had to do a double take.”

Hmm. Well, as much as I’m not for intentionally shocking anyone with art just for the sake of shocking, I do have to admit that if there is a way of encouraging people to take a second look at what seems like old hat to them, then I’m all for it.

So, continuing with this thought, I decided to re-view a couple of verbal messages an artist might express, and sure enough, I discovered that I could do a double take on them.
Artist Saying
Saying: Do I need to paint you a picture? ~ artist ~
Description: Black script on a white background
Published ID: 1439443801
Whether we need something expressed figuratively or literally, looks like this artist is capable of do both.
Artist Said This 09109 Lausen 300px
Saying: The only thing worth holding on to is a paint brush. ~ artist ~
Description: Black script on a white background
Published ID: 1439440139
Do visual creators ever become so attached to their creations that they hold on to them for years and years? The short answer is yes. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because we fell in love while we were creating it and we’re afraid we’ll lose sight of that love if we let that physical creation go.

However, here’s what’s really worth ‘grasping’. When the artwork goes off to be with its intended, the art lover, the painter won’t have lost anything because they still can grab a paint brush and fall deeply in love with painting all over again. It will be at that point, that they will remember what it was that had the real holding value for them - that if was never about ‘a’ painting, but that it was about the process of painting; the journey of painting a painting.

So, whether we’re speaking figuratively or literally, when an artist gets a hold of a paint brush, everyone, including themselves, will have gained something worth holding on to.
Artist Saying
Saying: Sure, I dab a little in painting. ~ artist ~
Description: Black script on a white background
Published ID: 1439441925
To be clear, I could have just as easily said, “Sure, in painting, I apply a little bit of paint with short tapping strokes.” However, I wanted to express a double meaning, so I actually chose the word dab. Why? Because apparently, in its slang usage, the word ‘dab’ can mean, a person skilled in something; an expert; an extraordinary person. Well, in my books, anyone who is willing to take on the emptiness of a blank canvas, with only a ‘dab’ of paint, is extraordinary to me.