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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What holds your focus?

An artist can stand in a spot, look at a mountain, and fall so in the love with its visual representation, that they can totally miss seeing the tiniest bee tickling a daisy right below their feet, or a deer slipping past them from behind. Why? Because they recognized that something had stirred within them, so much so, that they couldn't take their attention away from what they thought had caused it.
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What was so captivating? After all, once you've see a mountain, a flower, or a bee you've seen them all right? Not exactly. A mountain is alive, just like the flower or the insect . They can seem static or dynamic, but all of it has an internal movement that supports their very existence and it can be felt when you're willing to allow it. This subtle awareness is important, because that is what we all, not just artists, are connecting to and calling love. Of course, when you're an artist and this movement moves you, it often moves you into action – the camera starts clicking and the paint brush starts swirling.

So, what captivates me as an artist? What are the subjects that I tunnel my vision on? What are the things that provoke my curiosity? Well, it's usually what causes a smile after I've asked myself a few questions like, “How do I see this with fresh eyes? How can I see this differently? "What I'm I not seeing here?" This doesn't just start with the image, it can carry right into an inspirational poster.

Now, you know why I initially asked the opening question. What's your center of interest? What captivates your interest? If you don't know for sure, then maybe as you look through my work here, something will move you and you'll see what I mean. Go ahead, ask the question, "What do I need to see here that I'm not seeing?" How can I see this differently?” Careful, you could find out what you love and start smiling.